Your 2020 Event Refund

Please be aware the refund you are due is £5 less than you originally paid to enter the 2020 London Winter Wander.

Why is this?

Since the decision was taken to cancel the event on Sunday, we have been working hard to ensure we can refund all our walkers in good time. Thankfully the event is covered by insurance and this allows us to refund, but only in line with our terms and conditions, as per the below. You can see in full here.

In the event of the event being cancelled it shall provide the participant with a full refund, less an administration charge of £5, with no further liability whatsoever arising from such cancellation.

What does that £5 cover?

That admin fee will cover some of, but ultimately not all of, the below:

  • Fee charged to us to process refunds
  • Staff Time
  • Unrecoverable event costs

It’s been a busy time for the team ensuring you are not too inconvenienced by this, so thank you for your patience, and we look forward to processing your refund or donation as soon as possible.