10 Facts about your Cancer Research UK London Winter Run Route

On race day, you’ll be running past lots of the famous sights of London, but here are a few facts you might not know about them!

Trafalgar Square (0 km, and the Snow Blast Off)

If Hitler had successfully invaded Britain in the Second World War, Nelson’s Column would have been moved to Berlin!

Savoy Hotel (0-1 km)

The entrance to the Savoy Hotel is one of only two roads in Britain on which you drive on the right hand side, the other being Hammersmith bus station.

London School of Economics (1-2 km)

There are a total of 16 Nobel Prize winners in economics, peace and literature that have been either London School of Economics staff or alumni.


The Bank of England (5-6 km, and the Penguin Party)

There is a greater area of floor space beneath the Bank of England than there is above the ground at Tower 42.

St Paul’s Cathedral (6-7 km)

Whispers, along one side of the wall in the Whispering Gallery at St Paul’s Cathedral, can be heard 112 feet away, on the far side.

London Stock Exchange (7-8 km)

As of July 2016, there are approximately 2,629 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange, with a total market value of $3.54 trillion (USD).

Somerset House (9-10 km)

Built between 1776-1786, Somerset House was one of many 18th-century mansions that lined the Strand, but is now the last one standing following the concrete revolution and the World War II destruction.

Shell Mex House (9-10 km)


The largest clock in London is not sat atop Big Ben but on top of Shell Mex House on the Strand.

Horse Guards Parade (9-10 km)

Trooping the Colour originates from the 17th century daily practice of carrying the flags of a battalion past the soldiers to ensure they would be able to identify them in the heat of battle.

The Cenotaph- Whitehall (9-10 km, and Polar Bear Hugs)

There are officially no right angles on the Cenotaph structure, despite its sides appearing to be perpendicular to the floor. These would in fact meet about 300 metres in the air, to symbolize the space between Earth and Heaven.