Westminster Women Winter Weekends | The Halfway Point

This weekend is the fourth in the Westminster Women Winter Weekends series. Come rain and shine (not to mention last weekend’s cold snap…) so many of you are embracing the challenge, of which we have now reached the half-way point! To celebrate this achievement, we’ve taken a look at all the individual and group progress you have made so far. Remember: if you have joined the challenge later, it is by no means too late to get involved now. 

Firstly, you have all really stepped up to the challenge and clocked up a whopping 4590km together. That’s more than the distance from London to the North Pole – which given the cold spell recently, may feel very apt for many of you! 

The highest total distance covered so far by an individual is 372km – just under the distance it would take to walk from London to Plymouth. 

Our group total number of steps is currently 300,000 – a figure that any health specialist would be proud of. 

We hope that you’re enjoying the great rewards that come with this challenge, and that many of you are sporting your headbands and neck warmers, tote bags and maybe even a ‘conquer the cold’ t-shirts. 

 Make sure to also take care of your feet during this time – a natural salt soak followed by some moisturiser can do wonders for sore feet, as well as self-massage and fluffy socks (just because!) 

Some of you may also be completing your fourth challenge this weekend (28-29 Jan) and therefore will be unlocking the reward for completing four challenges. This being our brand new medal!

We’re in this together so keep going and challenging yourself this weekend. 

If you do get out and about this weekend why not take a picture and upload to social media using the #WestminsterWeekends