Until next time: Farewell Westminster Women Winter Weekends 2023

Well done to everyone who took part in the Westminster Women Winter Weekends 2023; we are so pleased to have had you join us over the last few weeks and watch you conquer the cold in the capital.

Whether you completed one, two or are all eight of the challenges, you’ve achieved something special, and we hope you have enjoyed every venture outdoors.

In total, we walked, jogged and ran an astounding 5397km – that’s more than the distance from the United Kingdom to Bangladesh! What’s more, on average, each participant racked up a distance of 22.4km – over the distance of a half-marathon each weekend. There was also an increase of 86% in the average distance completed per participant from weekend 1 to weekend 8, and we hope that you’ll take this momentum into future walks, to feel even more fit and energised.

In fact, with Spring around the corner, why not continue your walking routine and enjoy the beautiful nature of the season? There are many woodlands around London which bloom with flowers, such as Highgate Wood which is known for its Bluebells in April and May.

Make sure to also feedback on your experiences of the challenge by taking our post-event survey here. You can also use our ‘Resources’ tab on the website to find walking groups near you, as well as a link to the Women in Sports charity to learn more about female participation in sports.

Looking forward to next year’s challenge already? Register to get updates for Westminster Women Winter Weekends 2024 here, to gain future rewards and set new targets.

Again, well done for completing the challenge again and becoming a Westminster Women Winter Weekend participant!