Westminster Women Winter Weekends is back for 2024

We’re pleased to announce that Westminster Women Winter Weekends has returned for its second edition and will take place between January 6th and February 25th 2024. Following a successful first year in which we sent out over 200 rewards to over 60 participants, this year promises brand new rewards, a brand new medal and brand new challenges!

This year the challenge is to walk between 5 and 15km each weekend allowing participants to pick their own distance depending on their exercise level and amount of free time. There are six rewards on offer with eight weekend challenges available to earn each reward. The more challenges completed, the more rewards earnt. Check out the six new rewards below:

The best part is once you’ve downloaded our challenge app and set up your profile, linking your fitness tracker in the process, the app will automatically count your steps notifying you once you’ve reached your chosen distance.

The challenge was conceived by the organisers of  the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run, the UK’s biggest 10k and Westminster Council. Together the aim is to boost the activity of Women living in the borough by providing a motivating and rewarding challenge during the winter months when activity levels are typically down.

If you’re a resident of Westminster and are looking for an exercise challenge this winter to smash those new year fitness goals then this is the challenge for you. You can sign up for the challenge today by filling in the registration form linked below. You’ll then receive a confirmation which includes a link to download the challenge app. You can then set up your profile, link your fitness tracker and join the first challenge. You’ll then be on your way to earning your rewards!