Paul’s story

Read Paul’s story on why he took on a Winter Run following his battle to overcome testicular cancer.

“After developing groin pains and collapsing at the start of 2013, I was admitted to hospital and shocked to find out I had testicular cancer.

Following the diagnosis I underwent surgery and at first was very positive about the situation, but shortly after, we discovered the cancer had spread to both my lungs and stomach, which was a real blow.

I remember the Doctor coming in and telling me and my parents that the cancer had spread. It was almost as though time had stopped when he finished speaking. I felt like I’d been hit by a tonne of bricks as my emotions and hopes crumbled before me. I sobbed uncontrollably – it seemed too much to take in.

Winter-Run-case-study-main‘Pure euphoria’

I received four months of chemotherapy to treat the cancer, which was successful, and was given the all clear the week before Christmas in 2013.

Of all the exams, presentations, test results I’ve done over the years, waiting for my results after the gruelling months of chemotherapy was the most nervous I’d ever been.

When I was told that the cancer had all but vanished, it was pure euphoria. Now I could focus on the future. I felt a new man and had been given a second chance at life.

I got into running as a way to build fitness for my return to work. The running bug sunk its teeth into me and away I went!

Giving something back

I knew once I got better I wanted to give something back. I was one of the lucky people who had survived cancer, and I wanted to show my gratitude.

I threatened time and again to my fiancée Zara that I would do a run but never really committed so one morning she signed me up for the Manchester Winter Run!

I was surprised, but also thrilled. Manchester City has always been my team and to be running around the Etihad Stadium, raising money for cancer research, was simply perfect to me.

I completed the race in 51 minutes – a personal best – and I raised over £2,000 for Cancer Research UK in the process.”


Share your story

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